Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Castrating Sex Offenders the Answer?????

Video news link on the proposal in Va. to start castrating sex offenders! Wow! Va. politicians need to hit the research on this one before deciding that this is the solution!

Return to Serial Killer Theory in Beach Corpses Case

Check it out!

The Past of Rwanda! Humanitarian Crime

Interesting discussion concerning the dark past of Genocide in Rwanda!

Children Who Kill Discussion

Interesting discussion on children who kill.....check it out!

Texas juvenile Prison Abuse

Trouble in Sudan!

Texas Bill To Make Underage Sexting a Misdemeanor

Man Tortures his Estranged Wife in Houston

Man tortures his estranged wife in Houston! Check it out!

Genocide in Darfur

Long ongoing conflict in Sudan!

Genocide in Burma

Super Cool recidivism tool!

"Super cool recidivism tool!" Got this one from one of my star CRJ scholars! Thanks Judy!

Texas Juvenile Inmate Testifies in Principal Abuse Case

What do you think???

4 Americans Killed by Somalian Pirates

4 Americans Killed by Somalian Pirates off the East Coast of Africa. What do you think should be done???