Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yet Another For Crime Theory Class

Yet another Clip we will be using in Crime Theory Thursday night....

For Crime Theory Class Theory Application Exercise

This video is purely for my Crime Theory class. We will be drawing from this video clip for an in class exercise on Thursday night. Get Ready!!! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ross Kemp: Gangs in London

Another really good documentary by Ross Kemp on Gangs in London!

Special Topics Classes Domestic Gangsters and International Gangsters

I have managed to form two different special topics classes for both Fall and Spring semesters. For Fall of 2011 I am offering my special topics course entitled, "Domestic Gangsters" and the following Spring 2012, I will be offering, "International Gangsters" to the lineup! Just letting everyone know that I will now be teaching gangsters year round! :)

Continued Problems in Darfur, Sudan

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Gangsters" Special Topics Class to be Offered Maymester 2011

For those interested. I am offering my "Gangsters" Special Topics class during the Maymester and then again in the Fall semester due to several asking about it. The class is uploaded to Ramlink and will be limited in size during both semesters. I have added more world tour gangs to the line up. :)

Ross Kemp Documentary on the Jamaican Posse

Video documentary on the Jamaican Posse put together by British journalist Ross Kemp. I have put together a presentation on the Jamaican Posse for the upcoming 2011 University Day in April. Serving 13 years as a Criminologist and Sociologist and having read every piece of literature on the Jamaican Posse this is one of my expert areas. Enjoy the documentary!