Monday, February 24, 2014

Legal Battle on Where to try Mexican Drug rod El Chapo Guzman


  1. It's always good news to hear when someone who was the cause of so much suffering is going to face the consequences. Though I agree with Michael Vigil about this case not being able to be handled overnight, I also agree with Michael McCaul that we need to get this guy to the 'States as soon as possible. He is right about the amount of corruption being a potential result of just another escape. The sooner we get him on US soil so we can try and convict him, the better. There will obviously be a lot more care and security being taken up north if we can incarcerate him here, which would drastically reduce the risk of him escaping and it would even make it harder for him to get back to do what he's been doing in the off-chance he does escape stateside. Sure, it may be a major victory for Pena Nieto's administration, but a major victory means nothing if it fails to solve the problem. If he manages to escape from a Mexican prison, it would be a huge slap in the face to everyone involved in this man's capture, which would greatly diminish the impact of the victory. This is why we need to extradite Guzman to the US.

    1. I too agree with you Trevor that they should extradite Guzman to the U.S., but I really don’t believe that will happen due to the fact that the U.S. has the death penalty, and usually in cases like this the Mexican government will not allow any prisoner to be extradited to a country where the death penalty exist. But don’t you find weird Trevor that the most wanted drug lord is caught without firing a single shot and when it is said that he is always surrounded by his henchmen at all times. Now I know what they said in the CNN news report that they caught him off guard while he was sleeping with his wife; this is one of many versions on how they caught him from what I have seen according to news reports. Quite frankly none of these news reports really seem plausible to me because you don’t know who is really is telling the truth or just out for providing a story. Mexican journalist also agree that how could the most wanted drug lord who had sold drug to every part of the world and who has been mentioned in Forbs Magazine just be caught like that it just doesn’t seem predictable Also look back about 20 years ago when Pablo Escobar was finally caught he went out with a back. I’m not say that all drug dealers who when finally caught go out with a bang but put yourself in their shoes, you’re the most wanted man you need to be willing to fight to the last minute in my opinion.

  2. Good point Trevor! I too think we need to get Guzman to the states as soon as possible. After all, he has escaped from the authorities in the past.

  3. Legal Battle on Where to try Mexican Drug rod El Chapo Guzman

    I was truly shocked when I first heard the news of El Chapo Guzman being captured after so many years of being a fugitive. I agree with the article, we need to get him extradited to the United States as soon as possible. Evan though I know since he has some of the best attorneys defending him and delaying every move the government will make, so the process even longer than what it should take. The article says with as much corruption as there is in Mexico there is yet another plausible possibility of El Chapo escaping from custody one again. I do understand the concern but I truly do not think he will escape again, the last time he was captured hardly anybody in the world knew he had been captured. That is not the case this time, the whole words eyes will be on this case making sure he is tried like he is supposed to be. I’m sure the United States is going to be involved in every move of the case trying at very moment to extradite Guzman. I honestly think it will be very hard since like the article states Guzman is the Mexican presidents trophy, but I do hope they do extradite him even if it takes a very long time to do so.

  4. Considering the corruption in the Mexican government and the fact that that Chapo Guzman has escaped the Mexican authorities in the past, he should definitely be extradited to the United States. I agree with what Michael Vigil says in the article about Mexico wanting to hang onto Guzman. I would assume that Mexico’s president would want to let Chapo Guzman go for fear of being seen as weak or easily swayed by the United States or that he wants the victory of capturing the drug lord to himself. If Mexico prosecutes Guzman I think there is a high chance of him getting off easy or even escaping again because of his ties with corrupt government officials and with the police.

  5. The capture of Chapo Guzman is a victory for Mexico and the United States. The next step, a critical one, is to figure which country he will be tried at. Guzman has been tried and convicted in Mexico before; he was able to become a fugitive for over ten years. His power as the world’s top drug lord has given him much illegal seniority, especially in Mexico. I think every country should convict their own felons, but this case needs special attention in order for proper procedures and punishment to be applied. If the United States Isn’t in favor of convicting Guzman, we should have our lead D.E.A. agents and U.S. marshals monitoring the case wherever it should be held. We must follow this conviction to the end, and remain following him during his imprisonment.

  6. The capture of Joaquin Lorea is great news for the Criminal Justice System. Is a major battle won between the drug cartels. I also agree with my fellow classmates United States should already be filing to get him extradited and back into US soil to punish him for what he has done. Mexican Government is so corrupt that may just result in another escape for this drug lord fugitive. Of course his attorneys don’t want him extradited because they know the outcome of him being able to escape would be completely impossible. Mexican Government should play their cards very well because their next step is very critical perhaps the United States Government should also get involved and play close attention just to make sure there’s no way of any wrong outcomes.

  7. Blog 12
    Sandra Odom
    Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman
    My question is why was the United States able to acquire Christopher Michael Coke, also known as Dudus Coke, and unable to extradite Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman? Both are guilty of horrendous acts at home and abroad. Is it because the Mexican government suffers from more corruption than the Jamaican government or is the extradition laws more protective in Mexico than Jamaica. Either way Chapo must face charges in the United States. I believe the longer he remains in Mexico the less likely he will face justice. El Chapa will either escape and he has already escaped once or die under mysterious circumstances. It took the Mexican government 13 years to catch which is totally ridiculous, will they need another 13 to prosecute and punish him for his crimes.
    Under Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto the war on drugs has taken a back seat to the economy and education which are very important issues in making a country sustainable and viable. The current President must bring the war back to the forefront as it is just as big of threat to the country as lack of jobs and quality of life.

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  9. Joyce Shelby
    March 3, 2014
    Criminal Justice

    The Mexico drugs situation is a widespread problem of crime and violence; there is so much corruption in the justice system. Most of these polices over there are corruption and can ease be bought by the drugs dealer, these drugs smuggling through Mexico has been going on for a long time now, these criminal groups are in line with a culture of corruption and impunity. It is critical to improving drug control.
    The criminal justice system should assistance to modernize the police academies and to convert criminology into a respected academic career in Mexico, and develop a law enforcement agency capable of both combating and securing in the community support, or form an organization like S.W.A.T. to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate the laws. Mexico has shown its incompetence in allowing the drug trade to become so out of control in their country by their inability to securely confine. The crime on drugs is just not the laws problem it’s start with our community.

  10. we need to get him to the united states so we can deal with him. Mexico is to corrupt to deal with any legal stuff at this point he have already escaped from there prison system ones. i do not want to put more people life’s on the line any more than we have to. we need to take away his support system. i do know that there will be another guy to replace him but if they keep at it we could lessen the amount of drugs that will affect our future generations. Mexico did and great job and they are fixing there polices structure but they still have to many people that can be bribe to let people go.

  11. This whole ordeal of figuring out who gets to deal with him first is going to be a mess. Ultimately I think that the United States should get him first because Mexico system is just too corrupt. With that being said, he also has a lot of "moral" support in Mexico because that is where his cartel is. We have to get him away from that and get him to a less intense area, like the US. This is a rough situation regardless because El chapo has so much power. In my opinion we need to get him here, charge him, and get his butt in jail!