Friday, May 2, 2014

Botched execution at Oklahoma State Pen. Botched execution at Oklahoma State Pen. What do you think about it???


  1. WOW! I cannot imagine how painful that would be. My thoughts on this would be simply the lack of responsibility and caution in giving the injection and the right amount to have a painless death.
    On the other hand, at least the other inmate on death row got an extended 14 days to live....

  2. This Execution is a perfect example of how imperfect our justice system still is today. I believe that people who have to go through the death penalty shouldn't have to go through it this way. The man committed murder and I truly agree that he should be put to sleep to end his life, but not having to go through this mistake that made him suffer so much and which was very painful. They have this man laying there for 50 minutes before he dies just sticking needles all over his body to try to kill him, which was very painful and unconstitutional. There should be a great amount of responsibility when doctors perform the lethal injection, and it should be done in a very professional way. I can imagine how the man was awake and experiencing all this, and seeing how they were trying to end this life after many unsuccessful attempts. Before performing any more lethal injection executions, I believe they should be 100% sure that the person wont suffer like this and that it will be done by just a single dose.

  3. I briefly heard about this story while watching the news at home with my parents this weekend. After reading this article I have mixed emotions. Morally, I feel like he got what he deserved. You know? He brutally victimized the lady in 1999 by burying her alive. Because of his crimes I feel that this botched execution was kind of his karma and he got what was coming to him. However, on the other hand, I know that what happened is not right and no matter what a person did they should not have to suffer. If we were to let people suffer like that, we would be no better than they are. With that being said, something needs to seriously be done to prevent something like this every happening again because it is very wrong.

  4. I certainly agree with Ruben, people going through this should not have it made so easy to them. I believe they should suffer as much as the damage they caused to others. Having him for 50 minutes laying their and suffering is not a great way to die but you certainly get to see that sometimes mistakes happen. he got what he deserved and the pain he caused the lady he buried alive. I feel like he got his payback. but with that being said they need to take this accident seriously and prevent this from happening again.

  5. I don't believe there's a "right" way to kill a person but if we are trying to execute someone in a peaceful manner than this was certainly not a good example of that. In a way i believe that the doctor had something to do with this since he should have known that a collapsed vein would've resulted from the shock given to the victim (i think). The execution should have been postponed and done properly another day instead of performing it in such a sloppy manner. The victim was pretty much guaranteed a painless, smooth, calm and speedy death and in return received the complete opposite. In the end, they wanted a dead man and they got him, but the way they killed him was unconstitutional and the way the death penalty is administered should be revised before this happens again.

  6. The way he murdered his victim was horrible so I don't necessarily feel bad for the way he was executed, although it was unconstitutional. There definitely has to be more research on this case before any more executions can be done. It was a long wait for his death and I just don't agree with that. They should have had a better way instead of injecting him in the groin and then waited for the drug to take effect. obviously they knew it was wrong when they covered the windows after the first attempt. THe guy who was supposed to receive the death penalty on the same day got pretty lucky that he was granted two more weeks to live.

  7. Well I look at it like this, sometimes Karma just can't wait. He had no sympathy or mercy for his victim so that is just what he gets. When people are sentenced to death, it doesn't mean the death has to be painless or peaceful. He's dead and that is what the whole goal was to begin with. Lets ask the parents or loved ones of the girl he killed and buried alive to see if they feel sorry for him. Bet they do not. I know it sounds like I am being pretty harsh, and it is not up to us here on earth to punish the evil, but I just can not feel pity for this man. So he suffered a little when they put him down for murdering another human being, so what. There are many, many good people in the past who have died painful deaths who did not deserve it. I feel for those people. Maybe this should be the new way, all the people who are looking at capital punishment should get a lesson on how if they are convicted, they will be put to death. It should not be pleasant for them to die if it was not for their victims..

  8. In the investigation of the inmate who was sentenced to death by the lethal injection. In the police report said that it took nearly 51, minutes to even try to find his vein in his arms and feet and that had to use a stun gun to restrain him. Police said that his veins collapse and they had to place the injection into his groin area. And nearly 10 minutes, after the injection came to a halt, law enforcement said he died of a heart attack after that. And it states that ahead of the Tuesday execution, Lockett, a convicted murderer, had refused to be restrained, and the report said, and after being given a warning "an electronic shock device was administered," causing an injury to his arm. It also stated that the state has come to a barrage that it was cruel and unusual punishment and he was sentenced to death row because, of a murder he committed back in 1999 for a teenage girl.

  9. They should have just used a rope. It's much easier. It's easy to tie, it's cheap, you don't have to worry about there being a shortage of rope like there sometimes is with these lethal injection drugs,and it probably doesn't hurt the murderer a whole lot. Not that I care though if he's feeling any pain but we all know that the Liberals in this country are against the death penalty because they believe it is "inhumane" to kill a violent and rabid child rapist murderer. But in any case I'm just glad he's not in this world anymore where he can hurt more people.

  10. As far as I know, it is fairly difficult to get the lethal injection drugs used in executions, and from what I've read, the drugs apparently paralyze the person being executed and shut down the body part by part, and the person being executed can feel every bit of it. If that doesn't sound painful then I don't know what does. Not only has the death penalty been proven to be an ineffective deterrent, but the pain inflicted in executing someone sounds like torture *cough cruel and unusual punishment cough.* This is just another example as to why the death penalty should be abolished. It has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with vengeance, which has no place in the criminal justice system. Justice is for professionals and vengeance is for the weak-minded.

  11. the death penal is a top that have been talk about for year , and will still be talk about years after we all die. for the simple fact that there are some people that should not be able to walk around after the crime they commit. yes they did mess this one up. they need to find a better way to do this. this is the 21 center. we can make a bullet go throw a wall and than have it explode. there have to be a better way to kill a man. they have lots of people that feel pain when it go on. another thing is that if you leave people in prison to just die in there, one must think of him teaching others. the fact that you are taken a way a man right to everything i would rather be dead.

  12. Wow!!!! This story is sad I really do not know how I feel about the situation. First , I do think that one must be punished for the crimes that they commit. However the punishment phase is what is hanging in the balance. Some are in favor of the death penalty and some are not. It's a catch 22 for me. There are several parties involved in this mishap......the victim, the perpetrator, and the families of both. One side wants him executed and other side wants him alive. Whether or not the execution was inhumane to me is still up to debate.......hey it's an execution and I do not think that is suppose to be painless. Although I do not believe that the procedure was handle in the best way, they thought it was the way to go. So I guess until they take action about the way they execution in this state the problem will still remain.

  13. The story was what seemed to be unrealistic to me. After everything that was stated in this article the fact that they put the injection in his groin was un-neccessary. yes he had a collpased vein but they could have at least put it in his other arm. This is the 21st century and i would think that nothing like would happen. Death Penalties should be perfected not failures.

  14. I have read the same as Trevor, on the process of the the lethal injection. I would have felt horrible if I was the person having to administer the poison and had a difficult time trying to find a vein. Yet after every where they tried failed for him just to die of a heart attack is just crazy.

  15. Joyce Shelby
    Death Row Inmate Clayton Lockett
    He commits this crime; although the injection wasn’t inserted right there never a peaceful way to kills someone. Maybe these protocols should be revised or more trained is needed. He was convicted of the crime and it was an unspeakable what he did to her and in his confession he had no remorse of what he did just smoking and drinking telling everything that happens. All three had a part in this looking at his confession he just got what he did to her I know that two wrong don’t make it right this could have been me are one of my kids are your.


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